Essay About a Woman in a Society: Gender Studies

In the today’s world of equality and democracy, a lot of attention is paid to gender studies, and that is why we offer you an example of how I would write essay for me on this subject.

Introduction for Your Essay

The gender studies of the today’s world are on the development stage. There are still a number of stereotypes that prevent the society’s well-being. For example, there is a stereotype of a “strong woman” that is always respected by others, but who is often alone, since not many males can coexist with her. There is a perception of women, who need to be weaker for the men to care for them and take responsibility for them. There is also a misbelief that a woman is constantly searching for a strong man. That is why modern women try to do the impossible: be the best housewife with the perfect appearance, being successful at work, and a passionate lover.

Essay About a Woman in a Society

Refusal of Feminism

As it turns out, the mentioned stereotypes influence the mentality of women. Therefore, a lot of females get mad when they hear the word “feminine,” as this notion is connected with “being a shadow of their man” for some of them. Furthermore, there are women who are strictly against feminism, as this turns out that they do not need the equal rights and opportunities. This aspect may be discussed and analyzed in your essay.

Models of a Female in the Society

5 models of a modern female’s behavior can be determined.

A Woman as a Worker

This is a role of a woman, that works physically as hard as a man, but in addition, runs the house and brings up the children. At the same time, a man does nothing near such a woman, since she takes care of everything. Obviously, modern women do not find this role attractive.

A Woman as a Keeper

The other role that may be discussed in your essay is the role of a woman as a keeper. It is connected with the functions of the mother and the keeper of the hearth. She is respected as a woman and as a mother, but is considered inadequate in case she did not manage to create or keep the family.

She can also work, but the range of occupations are limited to healthcare worker, teacher, a charity organization representative, a hand-made master. A job is usually placed after the family and traditions in the list of values.

A Woman as a Beauty

This is a role of a woman who is to be pretty. Her philosophy of life is to find a “proper” man (proper means rich) and learn how to keep him near her. The beauty spends too much money on taking care of her appearance. She considers that everything should be provided by her man, as she has no obligations other than being beautiful.

A Woman as a Bitch

Unfortunately, we needed to use this swear word based on the scientific needs, and, for the sake of classification, you can also use the word in your academic essay.

This is a model of a woman, who struggles to have respect and success in her business, being ready to sacrifice a lot for her aim. She judges people by statuses, makes friends with important people and communicates only with those, who can bring benefits to her.

A New Feminine Woman

Such a woman understands that her contribution to the social life is important. She makes choices of clothing, job, relations based on her desires and free from stereotypes. The works to achieve success, because she feels the need in this, not because this is required by the society.

Conclusion for Your Essay

The last one is the role that should be considered the most in the modern society, even though the previous ones have a richer history. The mentioned roles are hard to combine, since in most cases they contradict each other. However, a proper education on gender studies since the early childhood may contribute to the development of modern stereotypes-free views and roles.

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