Skills to Bolster your Engineering Career

The wonders on the earth proves the prowess of engineers

The stepping stone

Your engineering career does not start after completing your studies. It rather starts much before that. When you seat for an entrance examination and get admission in a college, it proves that you are already in the track that you have chosen. Setting a goal is the first step and planning to achieve it is the second. You have to plan for the four years as a long term goal and then achieve it by breaking it into short term goals.

Engineering Career

Technical knowledge/ technical skills

Everyone thinks the term ‘technical skills’ to be a simple one. Why then is there such huge discussion about it? It is simple but it has many dimensions to understand and this is indispensible to attain goals. The technical knowledge makes you special and unique. The technical knowledge is required in every field and especially, in engineering. It is a lifetime process to gain technical skills. How well you have learnt and how different is your innovation as compared to others matters the most. There are many colleges but why the NIT in India are in demand and people studying there is treated as the best engineers of the country? This is because they make themselves technically stronger and they are armed with the best available knowledge.

The knowledge stands you out from the crowd and the knowledge gives you the opportunity to explore the new world. In engineering, the thumb rule is that the more you technically make yourself stronger, the more you discover new things. And the world belongs to those who invent and create. And those who flag their creativity become the pioneer of the respective fields.

Communication skills

A student who has the best technical and theoretical knowledge may not get success in the field of engineering all the time. Why? Because if the student does not have the talent or potential to express or articulate himself or herself, he or she fails to implement his or her knowledge at the place of work. Expression is mandatory to transfer knowledge to others or in the development of the company. Now the competition is very tough in every field and every field wants a good communicator. The best communicator can only get the job and prove him/her self successfully only because he/she can present his/her potential and knowledge in a beautiful manner.

So communication is required as it is the sole medium not only to interact but also convince and comprehend new things. The NIT colleges in India and the top private engineering colleges always test their students on their communication skills. This is because communication skills sail a student through during placements and is the most powerful armour. NIT rankings also depend on the interpersonal skills of the students.

Interpersonal skills

Communication skill is the first pillar of the interpersonal skills. It is the skill that proves and shows your technical knowledge. How effectively and how convincingly you can put your presentation in front of others. What is the best part of your learning in your entire course duration? What is the new and research you have done in engineering. All these depend upon your interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills take out your internal strengths in a skilled mannered in front of the world. This is the knowledge that you require to prove yourself unique and different from others. Most people have knowledge but they do not know how to put it and use it in their engineering career. Here comes the interpersonal skill where a candidate uses and get through. So, interpersonal skills are more important and essential to prove in the career of engineering.

A positive attitude

A small word ‘positive’ and is used by almost all the humans. But how many know the value of it? How many know the real use of it? How many candidates applied it as a tool in their career?

The best example is when you seat for the JEE and dream for the best colleges like the NIT in India and other top colleges then it shows your positive thoughts towards your career. But it is not the best use of the positive thoughts rather it is just a fraction of what it really is. And when you do not get any rank and a desired college of yours then maximum possibility is you break down. In the same place some students never give up and try for the next attempt. They just don’t give up until they get their desired place. This is called the positive attitude towards your life and this is the best way of using the tool.

Not only for the examination but also in your career of engineering, you need this attitude. By this positive attitude, you create new things and go further in your career. A negative mind never reaches anywhere and cannot do anything special even if it has the most gifted talents with it. But a positive mind can go far and get success if it has the positive attitude and this attitude can help others to get success too. A positive thinker is a leader in every field. Engineers should be positive in their attitudes and towards life; else no invention and wonder cannot be produced on this earth further.

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