What is a wilderness therapy program

Many times, people have confused juvenile boot camps with therapeutic wilderness programs. In actuality, wilderness therapy takes the approach of developing a relationship with people based on respect and compassion. Nature serves as the ultimate teacher. A boot camp uses physical and psychological aggression, whereas a wilderness therapy program creates circumstances that are more therapeutic.

With this type of therapy, you have to endure the hardship of living in the outdoors, and you have to learn self reliance and confidence when working with other people. As you climb the mountain, the healing flows into your soul, and your cares drift away. According to Wood Creek Academy, people have sought the wilderness to seek visions and experience a deeper sense of self.


What you find in nature is healing and clarity for where you want to go in life. Oftentimes when people go out into nature, they are looking to connect with a deeper part of themselves. These are the things that you are distracted from in the modern world. In Christian wilderness therapy, the focus gets placed on a higher power and feeling connected to that divine source. It can become a deeply spiritual and life changing experience.

In the modern world, we have lost the challenge that physical existence used to have. That has led to higher rates of obesity and apathy. When you live in the outdoors, you are taught good work ethic, and you learn to live without furniture and other modern conveniences that most people take for granted. Therapeutic boarding schools for boys could be just what your loved one needs to learn how to take care of themselves and teach them great values.

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